Our Team

designer and product manager

Honza Sládek

High level strategist for complex web projects, with an emphasis on performance and responsive design. A jury member for WebTop100, and organizer of the WebExpo Conference in 2014. Devoted to politics.
idea guy

Pavel Fuchs

Lives for the end user. Deep experience in marketing, analytics and the startup scene give Pavel a good intuition for what works on the web.
backend analyst

Vítek Ježek

A very experienced analyst, programmer, visionary, and founder of the sustainable bike-sharing project Rekola. His tireless energy moves the whole team.
CTO / Head of eCommerce

Johan Hornof

An experienced professional specialized in e-shops and on-line sales. Technical in spirit, he also speaks Polish, Swedish, English, French, German, Czech and is studying Chinese.
frontend architect

Matěj Šimek

Matěj builds the foundation of most new projects, incorporating modern web technology and bringing life to the most complex sites. He also teaches frontend development and runs for fun.
UX expert

Alžběta Žídek

This girl has worked in a number of agencies, managed customer satisfaction for 2 years in Zoot, and then traveled happily throughout Europe. She understands users, writes, and helps our projects run like magic.
frontend ninja

Vilík Kopecký

Universal developer focused on frontend innovation. Effortlessly hops between new and old technologies, pushing the limits and blazing new trails.
lead designer

Václav Rouček

Interaction designer who brings music to design. Whether on the stage, or behind a Macbook, Vašek infuses everything he touches with magic.


Talented junior designer with an eye for detail, and a love for modern mobile and web applications. He also brings a great photographic eye and that exotic pizazz to our team.
Juice Master

James Omasta

He has long been with us, hosting, testing, taking care of the production and test versions of our sites. We’ve now replaced him with robots, so has the space to kickoff our next startup, Goodlok. So now James is a grocery boy. And he loves it.
legal and financial


Economist, social worker, and legal advisor. He also makes sure we all get paid.
frontend developer

David Drdek

Detail obsessed coder. He puts the MMM in HTML. Whether it's a Wordpress site or something more complex, his eye for movement is delicious.

Ondra Plšek

Crafty programmer with a holistic viewpoint. He is able to architect large complex projects from tech to business.
iOS developer

Martin Vytrhlík

Martin is your Moravian grandpa, who also happens to build iOS applications. Author of the hit app Bez Andreje, He enjoys boozing at weddings and attending conferences (only when they have a free buffet).
backend programmer

Mikuláš Dítě

Experienced and knowledgable programmer and backend architect.

Honza Tvrdík

When he speaks, most people don't understand a word of it. One of the great minds in the Czech programming world.

Michal Hošna

An enlighted programmer with a loud voice and a giant posture. He’s just as comfortable explaining string theory as table joins. He studies FIT and, when he has time, does lighting for the biggest event in Bohemia.
content manager

Matěj Kabzan

Handles CMS integrations as well as text, image, and video content. Manages databases, prepares newsletters and trains clients in how to use their new websites.
debugger and programmer

Jan Matošík

Tireless tester of projects, finder of problems, and automator of processes. He also sings, plays music, and lends his expertise to our pink bikesharing project Rekola.

Dan Rahman

A skater with great fame and a lot of fans. He says he was able to ride a lot before, but now not so much. That's where programming will get you. He’s got the moves and no limits.

Kryštof Mitka

Two-meter teenage native from Čelákovice. A frontend dev, who will one day be the CEO of ManGoweb. In his free time, he enjoys pillow fights, coding and hunting for wild strawberries all while enjoying the twilight of childhood. He’s happy as long as he makes it home in time for Večerníček.
Android programmer

Karel Hrdina

A kid who has been developing mobile apps for Android for over five years. He grows “herbs”, runs stop signs, and sleeps in the parkklxycvmnkldsynjkudf IT WAS A HACKER I SWEAR.

David Matějka

Zkušený PHP programátor, aktivní rádce na Nette fóru, udržovač nette pluginů pro PhpStorm, milovník a sběratel piva.

Dominik Bláha

Frontend developer, udržovač pořádku v hotových projektech. Skaut z Úžic, takže pečlivý, skromný, poctivý a hudebně založený. Jako my všichni.

Klára Tesařová


Vojta Staněk


Zdeněk Brabec

Android developer

Vašek Šraier

Velmi nadaný dvoumetrový vývojář mobilních aplikací pro Android a student. I když je náctiletý, neobvykle dobře přemýšlí nad UXkem, uživatelským zážitkem a backendem, jako by aplikace vyvíjel deset let.
frontend developer

Filip Chalupa

Precise frontend dev with backend overlap. Picks up new skills like a ninja. Currently a student of the Faculty of IT at Czech Technical University.
backend developer

Martin Kučera

Backend developer, nice guy, and author of the project Dear Baby Jesus which delivers Christmas gifts to orphanages.

Ryan Cole

A Texas native who began his career as a designer in Amsterdam, he has one foot in design, and the other in tech. He also teaches design at Prague College and design thinking to non-design professionals.
frontend contractor

Jirka Vebr

A thorough coder and frontend dev who works with us on various projects. When he's not working with us he is living and studying in Edinburgh.
client liaison


Office receptionist, in charge of leading clients to the correct meeting room. In his spare time he likes to roll in dead fish. He is also charged with recruiting new talent and maintaining order.