Case study

Unicorns and Bubbles

Logo and Design Web

Marketa Kabátová, one of the leading minds in PPC marketing, created the brand Unicorn Laboratory, known as Ulab. They offer comprehensive data-driven marketing and came to us to create a simple web presentation. We worked together to create a modern flat brand identity and visual style.

Web overview on monitor and mobile

Logo and design

The main clients of Ulab are startups. Young people from around the world, with a great overview of technology and new services. For a crowd who visits hundreds of websites everyday we really needed to stand out. We wanted to be distinctive, memorable and create a sticky experience for visitors. Yellow, purple, bold type, and of course unicorns. It's all good!

Physics of the bubbles

Recalling high school Physics classes, we recreated the properties of magnets.

Ulab bubbles