Case study

Fashion designer’s web & e-shop

Design Web UX

Even a seemingly normal e-shop can bring a lot of small details. Odivi is visually perfectly clean in the first place. At the same time, every artist has a pretty accurate idea about the desired feel of the result - how to put together photos and lyrics to make it slick, stylish. They usually miss the ideas and possibilities of a web designer who has to deal with various width of the canvas for different devices rather than a print poster of quite clearly defined sizes and constraints like so.

Joy with react.js

Because it is a very simple e-shop without different shipping rates by region, more currencies, order weight, promo codes or other more complex constructions, we’ve built it on Wordpress. Inside, we’ve made a frontend canvas where the girls can present collections, photos, texts and other web elements as they like. Then we tweaked various edge cases that were not ideal on both desktop and mobile views.

Ukázky webu


We do it. Simple shops with customized Wordpress, medium sized and complex solutions with powerful and modern e-commerce framework Sylius. Anyhow, we always try to do proper research and user testing which pays off in every case. Some examples of our work: Odivi, Brunio, Christian Barret, Life is Porno, Nordblanc, KV elektro.