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Reality in the poorest countries with military conflicts is harsh. One wouldn’t believe it when looking at it on the screen from own safe home. So, along with MSF, we set a small goal to transfer that feeling to the website. Not a feeling of a war film, not a lot of blood, cut legs and bloated bellies. More like an everyday routine. Ordinary people who have just decided to help. Nice and yet so normal.


Because it is a very simple e-shop without different shipping rates by region, more currencies, order weight, promo codes or other more complex constructions, we’ve built it on Wordpress. We (Klara) drew up the usual field hospital and stuffed into it most of the topics that Doctors Without Borders deal with. Tuberculosis, refugee camps, helicopter transfers, surgery, or drinking water base.

We've teamed up with people in the target destinations letting them make short videos of their lives. Some are angry, some relaxed, some less understandable due to the wind, soem with shaking camera... Well, that's just the right “nonoverhyped” reality.

Ukázky webu

The Point

It’s about the money. About giving. About help. But we think this is everywhere today. It’s all unfocused. One euro for the sick small pink fish in the aquarium means for us the same as one euro for a child who needs oncology care. Therefore it’s time to tell the story before the big red button DONATE appears. So we present the material which the particular old woman or the boy need the next day. We really enjoy this form of showing it with videos and what’s important: it works.

When we had seven missed calls from Doctors without Borders, we thought that something was broken in the main form on the website which is connected to complex CRM and payment gateway. But no, they wanted to thank us for the great job. This way it all makes sense.

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Sadly, we always have to choose between the non-profits. We can’t help everyone. But we always do our best. Sending our big THANK YOU to: Doctors without Borders, Motol Motolice, People in Need, Když to nechce, Magna children in need, Via Foundation and Darujme, Glopolis, MilýJežíšku