Case study


Our Baby Design Web Messenger bot

After a long time, Messenger bots are changing users’ behaviour online in a few important details. The same way as smartphones and mobile apps some couple of years ago. We believe in this change, although obviously we are still at the very beginning.

Well... but why bots?

There is an environment which is used by thousand millions of people. Most of its users are using it daily, some even many hours. Practically, we are actively using it - we chat, work, search for information and we do whatever it offers.

Need to arrange holiday - flight bot or hotel bot handles the annoying details for me

Buying small groceries regularly by one click

Reading 3 most important news articles every morning

Checking my bank account

Getting hurricane or earthquake warnings or up to date weather info in mountains

Forgot my jacket in the train, need to order taxi

The idea sounds good. I do not have to install two mobile apps for every problem, I do not have to learn how to work with ever-changing non-standard and complex web interfaces.


The human operating system is a speech, not clicking buttons and filling forms. That’s the reason why people try to develop some kind of chatting robot since 60’s. But from just short time ago, big and small players of tech world begun the hype around it. Siri from Apple, Skype bots and Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa by Amazon or Anna made by Ikea. Do you think you could use some kind of bot for your business? Let us know, we can do that, now we are into chatbots every day. We’ve put together some more information here: