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Our fresh juices, our health

Our Baby Design Web Messenger bot

It all begun spontaneously. We were impressed by newly launched Messenger chatbots from Facebook so one day we started to use it for ordering fresh juices. Just internally in manGoweb. But the word of mouth was quick enough so - it is now a startup company.

In the beautiful nature of so-called Bohemian Paradise about 100km north of Prague we collect and grow seasonal fruits. The rest is carried in trucks from carefully selected locations. We are building our own juice factory - juicers, mixers, fridges… We learn how to store fruit, we buy glass, learn logistics (distribution in Prague) and invent recipes which are new every week so we have even more entertainment with this project. So, send us a message on our Goodlok Facebook page and you can get fresh Goodlok juice every Monday at your table.


Typography is based on the manGoweb logo. Graphic elements are scanned from old nature science books. The content of glasses is largely seasonal. We honor careful preparation, we do not add any water, food dye, sweeteners etc. Therefore the design uses traditional handmade drawings mixed with modern approach of object overlapping.


The human operating system is a speech, not clicking buttons and filling forms. That’s the reason why people try to develop some kind of chatting robot since 60’s. But from just short time ago, big and small players of tech world begun the hype around it. Siri from Apple, Skype bots and Cortana from Microsoft, Alexa by Amazon or Anna made by Ikea. Do you think you could use some kind of bot for your business? Let us know, we can do that, now we are into chatbots every day. We’ve put together some more information here: